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D20 Flash


D20 Flash


  • Participating artists will provide their own flash sheets with 20 designs in play

  • Each artists sheet will have a flat rate for the initial roll, as well as added fees for design changes like adding color/shading or resizing the image

  • Flash designs are changed intermittently, at artists discretion (ex; if they have done the design the allotted amount of times, which will vary between artists and designs)

  • A d20 dice will be provided to roll, which the client is allowed to keep after receiving the tattoo

  • The number in which the dice lands on represents the number of options the client may choose from on the sheet (Ex; if the dice reads "5", the client may choose a flash design between #1-#5 on that artists board)

  • Artists may allow a "mulligan" re-roll if the paid for re-roll lands on a lesser number than the original roll, with reasonable limitations

  • A staff member must witness the roll in order for it to count towards tattoo claim

  • Roll fee INCLUDES the tattoo itself

  • Artists may request a reschedule to complete the tattoo if the final result will exceed the time scheduled for the game. There is no additional fee to complete the tattoo another day.

  • All game flash designs may also be requested at the regular tattoo rate if you do not wish to play the game and would rather simply choose the design you want.

  • We will never force you to get a tattoo you do not want. You reserve the right to change your mind about playing. If you decide not to get a tattoo at all, the deposit will be used towards the cancellation and become null.