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RATES: $150/hr, $80 Minimum

Rachael is an Illustrative blackwork artist with hints of a Neotraditional drawing style using mostly stipple shading and minimal colour! Her art style is spooky and sweet; often focusing around witchy subject matter; florals, plants, crystals, animals and skulls. 

She is patient, kind, and professional. With a light hand and warm personality, she ensures you feel comfortable and safe during your tattoo. Rachael greets every custom and flash piece with enthusiasm, and a deep interest to get to know you and your ideas in order to give you a design made just for you!! She started her tattoo journey at 16, decorating friends and herself until officially started an apprenticeship in 2018. Rachael has been an artist her whole life, loving all forms of creativity, she uses skills from everything she tries to bring a unique eye to designs and life. With a love for esoteric and occult knowledge, she searches for a deeper meaning and with that her inspiration and passion grows. 

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