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Hi, I'm Alex; a nerd from North Vancouver with a passion for video games, manga and nature!


I grew up running around in the forests of the North Shore; poking around under rocks for salamanders and being dive bombed by territorial hummingbirds.

This led to an appreciation for the little things; whether it's an interesting plant or a particularly good coffee.


I've been drawing and daydreaming since I was in high school but really decided to pursue tattooing after I graduated from Emily Carr with a bachelor's in animation.


I love drawing characters; whether my own or others, I love capturing what makes a character unique! (Anyone that plays dnd please tell me about your characters!!!)


I'm inspired by many things, but any media that has interesting worldbuilding, weird lore and fleshed out characters will hook me.


I'm very excited to begin tattooing and meet new people!

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