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approx 1" tattoos only $60 on tuesdays!

Send us an email to inquire or pop by to try for a walk-in!


Please email us for a quick and efficient response!

Hours: Mon-Thurs 12-6pm

Hours may vary between artists

Shop Rates vary between artists

Welcome to the New Generation of Tattoo Shop!

     The first of its kind, and hopefully of many, Orchid was spawned at the dawning of the world-crippling pandemic, March of 2020.  Our intent has always been to prove that tattoo shops don't need to be the intimidating, judgmental and suffocating environment for service providers or clients. Through our determination, good intentions, open hearts and perseverance, we have come out of the pandemic stronger and far more capable of pursuing our goal of helping to shape the new era of tattoo studios built on healthy foundations of mutual trust and appreciation for our artists and creating a friendly, inclusive and open-minded environment for clients and guests.


     We are a studio built to nurture and encourage budding artists without creating roadblocks or gatekeeping, and to give clients full freedom accompanied with expert counsel to have a completely custom experience to allow their ideas to come into fruition in the greatest way possible! Offering our artists fair pay, freedom and fun creature comforts, we ensure that they pass their good vibes onto our clients!Come visit our cute and comfortable shop!


     Check out our original handmade artwork and oddities in the retail space, say Hi to our mascot; Oatmeal the Dragon, play some arcade games and feast on complimentary candy while you peruse our tomes of pre-drawn flash or have an artist of your choice meticulously create a custom design for your next favorite tattoo!

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